WTF: Neymar’s mother is a cougar, social networks laugh

Less publicized than Neymar Senior, her former husband, or Rafaella Santos, her daughter, Nadine Golçanves, the mother of Neymar Junior, has been the subject of much ink in recent hours.

Separated from her former husband for many years, the 52-year-old woman is making the buzz on social networks. Usually discreet, Nadine Golçanves has been in the spotlight for a few hours. It must be said that she dropped a real bomb in Brazil by revealing the identity of her new boyfriend.

On this Easter day, the mother of the Brazilian international published a photo on her Instagram account, where we see it with Tiago Ramos. “The inexplicable cannot be explained, if you live …” , commented Nadine Golçanves.

“Be happy, I love you”

In recent weeks, Brazilian celebrity has therefore rebuilt his life with this 22-year-old man, younger than his son, and 30 years younger.

Footballer and model, Tiago Ramos is a friend of the PSG striker. In recent times, Neymar’s new stepfather has notably been seen alongside his friend at the Parc des Princes or in parties in Paris.

In all cases, and even if social networks are busy on the life of his mother’s cougar, Neymar supported the couple: “Be happy, I love you”. Suffice to say that the Neymar family is now full of love, since the former Barça star is also in a relationship with German journalist Janin Ullmann.

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