Ways corpers can approach policeman who stopped the vehicle they board

There is a police checkpoint in every nook and cranny of Nigeria, and they mostly target road users. So, it is inevitable and very common for police to stop the vehicle you board and waste your time.

Corps members traveling to far places are usually victims of this police unholy act.

While the policeman may think he is punishing the driver, the passengers suffer the most as many of them may be in hurry. This also affect Corps members as it contributes to make them stranded as always.

So, as a corps member, police shouldn’t harass you or waste your time because the driver did not pay them. So, in the event of stopping the vehicle carrying you, approach and talk to the policeman in charge.

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In this post, we will give you guides on how to approach a policeman who stopped the vehicle that is carrying you.

How Corpers can approach policeman who stopped they vehicle they board
Assuming you board a commercial bus and police stopped it. As a Corper, this is how to approach the policeman for the vehicle to be released.

If you are putting on your NYSC uniform, just greet the police officer, he will know what to do. But if he refuses to recognise you as a Corper, let him do his job to avoid embarrassment.

Some of the police once they see you in uniform will holler on you “Corper shun”, and start playing and joking with you, and let your vehicle go while some, hmmm the story is different.

Don’t take it personal, not everybody in uniform understand the meaning of esprit de corps.

Don’t go and start demanding that your vehicle should be released because you are wearing NYSC uniform. But you should meet the officer that stopped the vehicle and plead with him if it’s just a minor issue. If he remain adamant just locate the senior officer among them by looking at their ranks.

Anyone with rank on his shoulder is the senior or the lanyard (that rope on the uniform) or anyone with a different colour is the senior officer. Or check for their van and meet the person in the van (the oga at the top), but if it’s a serious issue, hold your driver so that he will balance you or put you in another vehicle. So, all that matters is your manner of approach.

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