UEFA sanctions Paris Saint-Germain, it goes cream

PSG was mocked for that, but it celebrated the qualification for the quarter-finals of the Champions League rather well. A little too much in the eyes of UEFA.

After the 2-1 defeat at Dortmund in the first leg, the Parisians reversed the trend to win 2-0. The relief was total and it went quite far at the end of the meeting.

Between the muddles with the German players, the fight which mixed in particular Emre Can, Angel Di Maria and Neymar and the inconspicuous chambering against Haaland, without counting the beak of a Marco Verratti suspended in stands with the Dortmund officials, the tension was palpable. PSG even did a little too much in the eyes of UEFA, which published its decision on the meeting in a statement.

If Emre Can has been suspended for two games, PSG have received a warning for the behavior of their entire team due to “improper conduct” by the players. Not enough to raise eyebrows at the capital’s club, which is not exposed to any sporting or financial sanction, even if this shows that UEFA would like PSG to learn to win with a little more fair play in its eyes.

Like what the fact of playing matches behind closed doors does not necessarily calm the spirits, the players of the PSG being particularly turned up during this meeting, Angel Di Maria asking even to pass a real suitcase at Borussia with some insults in Spanish in the passage for example.

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