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Top 10 richest comedians in Nigeria 2022

Top 10 richest comedians in Nigeria 2022

Learn about the top 10 richest comedians in Nigeria in 2022 by reading about their sources of income and net worth.

Nigerian comedy is another aspect of the country’s entertainment industry. It has transformed into a profitable business. The top ten wealthiest comedians in Nigeria in 2022 are included in this article.

Stand-up comedy in village squares, churches, and town halls launched the Nigerian comedy industry. Years ago, early comedians recorded jokes on CD-ROM in studios.

Nigerian comedy has grown into a billion-naira business. They have the following in Nigeria:

  • AY Live Show
  • Bovi Man on Fire
  • Baskethmouth Uncensored etc.

Nigerian comedians increasingly employ online streaming software to market their ability, thanks to technological advancements.

These online streaming applications provide commercial rights for comedians and content creators to earn money from their work, which may be a substantial source of income for emerging comedians.

Ticket sales, TV rights, and advertisements are all important sources of revenue for stand-up comedians who perform live. They’ve also grown their net worth through endorsement deals and promotions to become one of the entertainment industry’s wealthiest people.

The top 10 richest comedians in Nigeria list aims to compile a list of Nigerian comedians with the highest net worth and reveal their sources of income in part.

#1 Ayo Makun aka AY – Net worth of N3.2 Billion

Ayo Makun, also known as AY, is a famous movie producer, actor, and comedian. AY made Connectley’s list of the Top 10 richest comedians in Nigeria in 2021 because of his significant contribution to the Nigerian comedy and entertainment industry.

AY is the richest comedian among the top ten richest comedians in Nigeria, with a vast net worth.

Though AY gained prominence as a comedian and PA to Alibaba, he has featured in and produced high-grossing Nigerian movies like Merry Men, 30 Days in Atlanta, 10 Days in Sun City, and a Trip to Jamaica.

Apart from being the richest comedian in Nigeria, AY can easily pass as the most famous comedian in Nigeria because of his numerous comedy shows, the largest in Africa.

AY has used his platform to bring up many stand-up comedians in Nigeria; AY has also won numerous comedian of the year award.

AY’s source of income

Apart from being the host and producer of AY Live, the largest comedy show in Africa, AY smiles to the bank through his numerous movie projects like 30 Days in Atlanta-the highest-grossing movie of all time in 2015. AY also produced “A Trip to Jamaica,” – another high-grossing movie. AY is the Chief Executive Officer of Corporate World Entertainment, producing many Nigerian movies and comedy shows.

All of these have increased AY’s net worth to make him the undisputed richest comedian in Nigeria for 2022, with a net worth of 3.2 billion Naira.

#2 Ali Baba – Net worth of 3 billion Naira

It is worthy to say that without Ali baba, there wouldn’t be a comedy industry in Nigeria. Ali Baba was born Atunyota Alleluya Akpobome into a royal family in Warri, Delta state.

Ali baba ranks as the 2nd richest Comedian in Nigeria in 2021. Ali Baba made the list of the top richest comedians in Nigeria in 2021 because of his large estate and contribution to the Nigerian comedy industry.

Ali Baba is also the most awarded comedian in Nigeria, with over 15 accolades to his name.
The legendary comedian received the Paul Harris Fellowship (2018) by Rotary International.

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Ali Baba’s source of income

Ali Baba has earned so much money, increasing his net worth to become the second richest comedian in Nigeria in 2021. He is estimated to be worth at least 3 billion Naira.

He is the founder and owner of Alibaba Hicuppuray 3rd, a registered company devoted to his activities as a comedian.

Ali Baba has been honoured by many institutions, like the Federal Road Safety Corps and the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

All these have helped him earn so much money to become one of the richest comedians in Nigeria in 2021.

#3 Basketmouth – Net Worth of N2.1 Billion

Bright Okpocha, AKA Basketmouth, hails from Abia state in Nigeria. The UNIBEN graduate is a well-known brand and the 3rd richest comedian in Nigeria in 2022.

Basketmouth made connectley’s list of the top 10 richest comedians in Nigeria in 2022, based on his net worth. He began his career in entertainment by venturing into rap music before his journey into comedy.
Basketmouth studied sociology and anthropology at the University of Benin.

Basketmouth’s source of income

Basketmouth is known for hosting popular stand-up comedy concerts like Basketmouth Uncensored, which has been a success across the globe. He also appears in the African Magic Show “My Flatmates.”

Basketmouth also started his comedy mini-series titled “Papa Banji,’ which premiers on YouTube.

The Nigerian comedian also owns the Barons World Entertainment record label, which launched his debut music album.

Basketmouth has an estimated net worth of 2.1 billion naira as of 2021, making him the 3rd richest Nigerian comedian.

#4 I Go Dye – Net Worth of N2 Billion

Francis Agoda, AKA I go Dye is a famous Nigerian comedian who ranks as the 4th richest comedian among the top ten richest comedians in Nigeria in 2022.

The name ‘I Go DYE’ stands for Initiative guide on developing youth endowment.
The famous comedian from Delta hosts many comedy shows under his label, “Igodye Standing” comedy shows.

I Go Dye met the first executive Governor of Delta State, Olorogun Felix Ibru, as a young child after his exhibition of hovercraft ships, radio transmitters, hairdryers, projectors, electricity, solar tables, fans, and flying helicopters.

The feat made him the first African child to have built a flying helicopter and a moving hovercraft ship. I Go Dye secured a scholarship to study structural engineering at New York University.

He used his comedy and publications to describe the problems faced by people in the rural areas while growing up.

I Go Dye’s source of income

As the 4th richest comedian among the top ten richest comedians in Nigeria in 2021, I Go Dye has gathered significant wealth that has increased his net worth.

At the early stage of his career, I Go Dye secured a contract from Prest Motel in Benin City to perform as a stand-up comedian.

I Go Dye starred in Africa’s biggest comedy show, Night of A thousand laughs, during its 2000 edition.
In 2015, he got a contract from NIDOE France to perform at the UNESCO Cultural Week in Paris; he has also performed alongside Akon, Boyz II Men, 50-Cent, Rick Ross, The Game, and Kelly Rowland.

#5 Bovi Ugboma – Net Worth of N1.5 Billion

Among the top ten richest comedians in Nigeria in 2021 is Bovi. Bovi is a comedian, TV presenter, actor, and host. Bovi is the 5th richest comedian in Nigeria in 2021.

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His career has been a story of success and fame. Bovi Ugboma is a native of Delta State, Nigeria, and had his breakthrough in the Nigerian entertainment industry through his popular sitcom, ‘Extended family’.
Bovi wrote and produced the sitcom in 2007, which received a positive review in 2008.

He has been a famous face during the Headies awards; he has been a regular host four (4) times in a row.

Bovi’s source of income

Bovi’s debut sitcom, Extended Family, was a success that brought him to the limelight. As a comedian, Bovi has successfully hosted Bovi Man on Fire.

From 2014 to 2019, Bovi Man on Fire has been a success across Lagos and different cities in the United States, London, Melbourne, and Toronto.

Bovi’s first movie, It’s Her Day’, premiered on September 9th, 2016; the film raised over 55 million in cinemas.

In 2018, the great comedian started his miniseries ‘Back to School,’ which airs on YouTube. The miniseries Banana Republic is another film owned by Bovi Ugboma, all on YouTube.

Bovi’s talent, creativity, and effort have earned him vast wealth, enabling him to become one of the richest comedians in Nigeria in 2022.

His franchise and YouTube rights are a stable income source that increased his net worth to 1.6 billion Naira.

#6 Julius Agwu – Net worth of N800 Million

Julius Agwu is one of the pioneers of Nigerian comedy. He is one of the early Nigerian comedians who earned so much wealth to increase their net worth.

The great old-time comedian is the sixth richest comedian among Nigeria’s top ten richest comedians in 2022.

Julius Agwu was born and raised in Port-Harcourt city. He started his career as a stage actor before his breakthrough in the comedy industry.

The old fashion comedian studied Theater Arts at the University of Port Harcourt.
Image of Nigerian comedian.

Julius Agwu’s source of income

Being listed among the top ten richest comedians in Nigeria, many will wonder about Julius Agwu’s source of income. The comedian is the CEO of the movie and video production company Reellaif Limited.

The position has earned him a huge net worth of N800 million, an enormous amount, to become the sixth richest comedian in Nigeria in 2022.

Julius Agwu was also the producer behind successful comedy shows like Crack Ya Ribs, Laff 4 Christ’s Sake, and Festival of Love.

#7 Okey Bakassi – Net Worth of N600 million

Okechukwu Anthony Onyegbule, popularly known as Okey Bakassi, was born on October 23, 1969. He is the 7th richest comedian in Nigeria.

Okey Bakassi is a stand-up comedian and an actor, ranking among the richest comedians in Nigeria for 2021. The Nollywood actor and comedian studied at River State University of Science & Technology.

He participated in many comedy shows, entertaining the whole university during his school days. The school comedy shows helped him pursue his career in acting.

Okey Bakassi won many awards in the entertainment industry, including the “Best Actor in a Leading Role (Igbo)” category at the 2014 edition of the Best of Nollywood Awards.

Okey Bakassi’s source of income

Okey Bakassi has earned so much money that he has pushed his net worth to an enormous amount through TV presentations, acting, MCing, and comedy.

The famous Nollywood superstar has hosted multiple shows as a stand-up comedian or MC. When appointed as the Special Senior Assistant to the Imo State Governor on Entertainment, Okey Bakassi also entered the political terrain, where he earned another huge income.

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His past political seat and career have helped him earn N600 million net worth to become one of the richest comedians in Nigeria in 2021.

#8 Gbenga Adeyinka – Net Worth of N500 Million

On Connectley’s top 10 richest comedians in Nigeria for 2020, Gbenga Adeyinka ranks as the 8th richest comedian in Nigeria.

Gbenga Adeyinka, born in Ogun state, tags himself as GCON (Grand Comedian of Nigeria). He studied English at the University of Lagos.

The great comedian speaks different Nigerian languages, which has improved his success in the comedy industry.

Gbenga Adeyinka’s Source of Income

Gbenga Adeyinka has worked as an anchor for different TV stations like AIT, Galaxy TV, MBI, and Africa Magic.

Adeyinka has also spearheaded many rich ceremonies within and outside Nigeria. He is the first comedian to publish a comedy magazine (Laffmattazz) in Nigeria.

In August 2020, Adeyinka went into farming and started a new food company called Aduni Adeyinka Foods, which helped increase his net worth to N500 million, becoming the 8th richest comedian in Nigeria.

#9 Gordons – Net Worth of N400 million

Godwin Komone is a Nigerian comedian popularly known as Gordons. Gordons is the 9th richest comedian among the top ten richest comedians in Nigeria in 2021.

Gordons is a native of the Urhobo, a tribe in Delta State, Nigeria.
The famous comedian emerged when the popular Delta State-based gospel music comedy group, D.C. Envoy, came into prominence.

Before his breakthrough in stand-up comedy, he worked as a pastor, which earned him so much money.

Gordons’ source of income

Gordons has hosted many comedy shows that earned him so much wealth to become one of the richest comedians in Nigeria, including Gordons Comedy Clinic, with over 4 editions.

He has been a regular at AY Live Shows, A Night of a Thousand Laughs, and others. Gordons has also anchored many comedy shows and events within and outside Nigeria

#10 Akpororo – Net worth of N350 million

Bowoto Jephthah Oluwatiseyifumi Tanimola was born on October 3, 1989. Bowoto, popularly known as Akpororo, is the 10th richest comedian in Nigeria for 2021.

From an impoverished background, the rich comedian made his money through his comedy career to become one of the richest comedians in Nigeria in 2021.

Akpororo, a native of Ondo state, was born and brought up in Warri, Delta. He began his career as a local gospel musician around 2008 before pursuing a career in comedy after moving to Lagos.

Akpororo won AY’s Open Mic Challenge in his second trial; he then came to the limelight in 2013 after performing in “Basketmouth’s Laff and Jam” show.

The comedian is married to Josephine Ijeoma Abraham – a lady from Enugu state, Nigeria.

Akpororo’s Source of Income

Akpororo has performed regularly in AY Live shows. The talented singer has used his gift to host events and stand-up comedy.

One thing that has increased his net worth to become the 10th richest comedian in Nigeria is his 2-year endorsement deal with Airtel Nigeria.

He has also bagged many ambassador deals since he came into prominence, like the Fedan Investment Limited (FIL) ambassadorship deal.

He has made so much money from his career to become one of the richest comedians in Nigeria, with an estimated net worth of N350,000.

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