This can be the new Champions: Groups of six or Two league

UEFA is studying ECA’s proposal to expand the number of meetings of the maximum club competition by four. The tournament will stretch and there will be more revenue.

UEFA is studying ECA’s proposal to stretch the Champions League and provide it with four more games per season to a total of 17 maximum per team instead of the current 13.

The most powerful clubs in Europe decided at their last meeting in Paris that there is room to expand the competition and thus get more economic performance.

Disputing four more Champions matches each season would increase revenue for each club for prizes, box office and television. This may be a solution of UEFA’s liking to the threat of a European Super League that has been looming for some time.

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As published by the Times, the formula to introduce this expansion of the European continental tournament on the calendar is already being sought. It would be from the 2024-2025 edition.

In principle there are two possibilities: the first is to introduce a second league in the round of eighths, as it was already done for four seasons between 1999 and 2003. The teams would play the six games of that league – instead of the two current eighths- and would access directly to rooms.

The other alternative, more novel, would be to compose the Champions League through six groups of six teams. The enlargement of groups is a measure that UEFA has never taken for its main tournament – there was always a maximum of four – although it has used in the Europa League groups of five until its last restructuring in 2009.

Each team would play ten games in the league, plus the usual seven from eighths to the final. From each group the first two would be classified for the qualifiers, plus the best four third of the total.

The enlargement of the Champions would suppose an alteration of the calendar that can affect several great European countries. Minor tournaments would be at risk of disappearance.

In England, for example, the Carabao Cup – League Cup – would barely have dates on which to play. From England, he says that it could become a tournament with only clubs that do not play European competitions. Interest, accordingly, would decrease considerably.

In Spain, the latest changes in the Copa del Rey format favor the implementation of this new Champions. Being a single-party competition until the semifinals, there are more gaps in the calendar and – instead of free dates – the leading clubs would have European parties, with the interest and media drag that that entails.

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