The Govt approves footballers to take the tests: they must pass medical tests before back to training

  • Starting this Monday, the clubs will choose when to test the their players.
  • They will have to pass a medical examination before the first session

The players already have protocol to return to the individual training starting next week. The CSD, after the ruling of the Pedro Sánchez government, has approved that the players should take the tests and it will be the clubs that decide when the tests would take place on their players after government’s approval.

The Spanish league already has the approval of the Government to return to training officially and will be from Monday, May 4. The footballers will be able to train individually, but before then, they will have to pass a medical examination.

One of the key questions is that it will be the doctors of the clubs who decide when and to whom to test for the coronavirus from next Monday.

This reopening would be carried out “with reinforced hygiene and protection measures” and shifts, according to the plan for the ‘new normal’ in which the Executive has been working for almost a month with the advice of experts and together with local administrations, provincial and autonomous.

France cancels its football and Thebes does not understand

La Liga president Javier Tebas has criticized the decision taken by the French government, which will not allow football to return until September, recalling that Spain must follow another path because football is an ” important economic engine ” and does not understand that there are more risks in sport than in other sectors.

“I do not understand why there would be more danger in playing soccer behind closed doors, with all precautionary measures, than working on an assembly line, being on a fishing boat on the high seas, etc.,” said Thebes in the Group of Work of the UEFA, where it participates these days to look for solutions and to retake soccer.

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