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Ted Metz Ear
Ted Metz

Who is Ted Metz?

Georgia has only ever aired one gubernatorial discussion, which occurred in the 2018 gubernatorial debate. Ted Muntz is one of the three candidates for governor who campaigned under the libertarian banner. He was also the least well-known contender. He contested along with Brian Kemp, the current Republican governor candidate, and Stacy Adams, the Democratic candidate. Despite not popular as others, Ted Muntz generated public attention.

Ted Metz’s Age

Ted Metz was born in the month of March 1958. Where he grew up is unknown, however, it has been reported that he has resided in over twelve states by the age of eleven. His father’s career as an Air Force pilot was the cause for the family’s continuous travels, but Ted grew up in a loving and comfortable home with his brother and sister, regardless of the family’s continual moves.


Ted Metz’s early schooling is difficult to follow due to their relocations. It is known, however, that he was a Boy Scouts member since he found a troop in every location he went to and actively engaged in it, until he relocated to a state without a troop.

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Ted Metz attended three colleges in the state of Georgia for his college education. At the University of Georgia, he studied biography chemistry, risk management and insurance at Georgia State University. He also studied nursing at Georgia Perimeter College. This diverse combination of courses prepared him for the various job routes he pursued later in life.


Edward Tecumseh Metz, a student at the University of Georgia, enlisted in the Navy and found a means to continue his education while serving in the Navy. His decision was influenced by the Navy’s electronics program at the time, but he quickly abandoned it in favour of his studies, which he put on hold once more when he began to install satellite dishes. However, a Time article stated that satellite was pirating television, which led to the closure of his company. This occurrence sparked his curiosity about government operations.

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Ted Metz found a new position in a financial business, but it was short-lived due to the 1987 stock market crash. The next position he received was in Atlanta, where he was responsible for producing, testing, and repairing telecommunications technology. He went back to school to become a nurse because he wanted to keep doing things in science. He secured a job as a chemist at a cosmetics firm right away after that, but the owners sold the company during his fourth year there, and he was out of work again.

Metz’s involvement in government began with activism in 2009, and by 2013, he was heavily active in Republican Party activities. However, the battling and arguing inside the party upset him, so he chose to join the Libertarian Party. He was the party’s nominee for state insurance commissioner in 2014, however, he was defeated by Ralph Hudgens. He ran for governor in 2018, but was defeated.

Furthermore, he is active in government and advocates for a system that is guided by constitutionalism rather than politics.

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Ted Metz’s Ear

What happened to Ted Metz’s ear? During his time in the Navy, Ted Metz’s employment forced him to operate in proximity to radioactive materials. Squamous cell carcinoma is a kind of skin cancer caused by extended exposure to the sun. He had been battling the illness for twenty-five years, but it had become worse by 2017. He was hospitalized for a while and finally lost his left ear as a result of this; it was during his hospital stay that he was picked as the party’s gubernatorial candidate.

Metz’s illness experience made him more open to the use of marijuana by cancer patients, and he pushed for the production and growing of hemp during the discussion. He believes that this will boost not only the state’s agricultural sector, but also studies into the health advantages.

Ted Metz’s Net worth

As of 2022, Ted Metz is estimated to be worth 3.2 million dollars.

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