Super League in 3 key facts and reactions

Super League: the day that could change football forever. The recap of information on this day that could change European football.

The Super League in 3️⃣ key facts

The announcement: On the night of Sunday to Monday, twelve clubs (Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, ​​Atlético, Inter, Juventus, AC Milan, Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham) announced officially launching a Super European league, private and semi-closed (fifteen fixed clubs and five guests per edition). A project which secedes from the European competitions organized by UEFA, and which must begin “as soon as possible”.

The LDC: The Champions League new formula has been validated. A competition supported in particular by PSG, Bayern, Dortmund and Porto, who have all refused to participate. According to Der Spiegel, the Parisian club would however have 14 days, and the two German clubs 30 days, to retract and participate in the Super League.

The next step: UEFA will meet in an extraordinary executive committee next Friday, and could decide, according to Bild and other sources, to exclude all “rebel” clubs from European competitions. In the Champions League, two possibilities: PSG could be crowned winner on the green carpet, or clubs eliminated in the quarter-finals (Dortmund, Porto and Bayern) could be reinstated.

🗣 The reactions

The vast majority of reactions from the football world have so far been negative. After several press releases from leagues and national federations, and even from governments (the British sports minister, Emmanuel Macron, etc.), UEFA president Alexander Ceferin said he was ready to “all possible sanctions” against the twelve clubs engaged against him.

Ander Herrera (PSG) was the first major player to react: “If this Super League goes further, these dreams are dead, the illusions of supporters of teams who are not football giants. “

Among the members of the twelve clubs concerned, Bruno Fernandes (Manchester United) stressed that” dreams cannot be bought “.

Jürgen Klopp (Liverpool), who had already said he was against the idea, also reacted: “I still have the same opinion about this competition. People are not happy, I can understand that. The players or I were not involved in the process. “

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