Riolo is cash, Payet killed the “Champions Project”

Condemned to reduce its deficit and its payroll, Olympique de Marseille will have to sell several players this summer. Which implies a step back in his project. For Daniel Riolo, everything started with the return of Dimitri Payet.

The next summer transfer window may represent a turning point in the Olympique de Marseille project. Certainly, the Marseille club should get a ticket to the Champions League if the season ends.

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But the workforce of André Villas-Boas will probably be deprived of a few strong elements whose sale is essential. But how did the Vélodrome resident get there?

According to Daniel Riolo, the main error comes from the investment made for Dimitri Payet, recruited for € 30 million with a huge salary in January 2017.

“That OM finds itself in this situation, having to tumble in payroll, with such a deficit when they will find the Champions League, not knowing who they will keep, how you will be able to play … C ‘ is that it fucked up at one point , regretted the RMC consultant. McCourt may not have arrived with the sorrel cases, but it was still € 200 million. We cannot understand where the money has gone.”

Operation Payet “broke through” Olympique de Marseille

“The wage bill has exploded! From the start, when we announced the budget and the objectives, I said that the choice of Payet at 30 M € with this salary, it will overwhelm the whole project and I was right , did he continued.

Strootman? It came after, it has nothing to do! It was the cursor that was placed at the salary and transfer level from the start, it was the first purchase.

The value of the player had nothing to do with it, it should not be done. Regardless of the player, it hits the club! Because then, the players used the Reunionese income to negotiate large contracts in Marseille.

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