Premier League: clubs still unable to agree on conditions for takeover despite new meeting

Another new meeting between all the Premier League clubs on Monday brought to light new disagreements. And the solution of a premature end of the season was also mentioned for the first time.

The news released on Monday: the British government authorizes the resumption of professional football, from June 1, under conditions of course, starting with the closed door. This has brought a smile to the English clubs, which have been working since the start of the health crisis on the scenario of a recovery. Now that the government has given the green light, they are seeing more clearly. But they also do not agree on the conditions laid down by the famous recovery project, entitled “Project Restart”.

Indeed, the Boss of the Premier League, Richard Masters, gave new elements of discussion between the different formations following a working meeting between all the actors on Monday.

Explaining that the clubs did not agree to play on neutral stadiums. “Everyone would prefer to play at home and away if possible,” he said.

“It is clear that some clubs are more attached to it than others. It is an ongoing dialogue and we have discussed with the authorities the conditions under which we could restart the Premier League and follow all of this advice .” he added

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