Pastors Will Die To Fight Against CAMA – Joshua Iginla

Pastor Joshua Iginla, the General Overseer of Champions Royal Assembly, has kicked against the Company and Allied Matters Act, CAMA.

The law signed by President Muhammadu Buhari on August 7 gives a minister the power to appoint an interim committee over a church or organization where misappropriation is believed to have happened.

This has been kicked against by Iginla who said that pastors will die to fight the law.

According to Iginla, Christians have spent too much time arguing about doctrinal issues to the point of losing touch with its power.

“One of the reasons the body of Christ in Nigeria is having problem is because we don’t know our capacity. We have lost focus and spent time having doctrinal argument. We are the light of Nigeria.

“If we want to ensure that a Christian becomes the president of this country, we have the capacity but we are so self-centered and divided that we are running to people that should be running to us, everything doesn’t end in prayer, there are things we don’t need prayer for in Nigeria. We have the capacity to strengthen things but the church has lost her tastes. We are in days when we no longer attack the devil but ourselves.

“The reason people from other religion will continue to do better is because they understand their capacity.

“If as a Christian leader, you are corrupt or found wanting, you should be dealt with, but I disagree that someone will propound a law into a spiritual entity. It’s because the church is asleep. Last year, I prophesied that the church will face persecution because the church is asleep,” he said.

Iginla said that CAMA is a coup against Christianity and that government cannot appoint a board of trustees who know nothing about what pastors went through to build a church.

‘’Do you know what it took some of us to labor to grow a church up to this level and someone will say he will appoint a trustee over the Church. You don’t even know how the church came about. If a pastor is corrupt, let him face the law and go to jail but appointing a trustee? Some of us are ready to die before you do that to us, it is absolutely wrong.

“Do you know why it is happening like this? Because the church isn’t feared.

“How do you make a law for the church? You change the trustee and put your own trustees? When has some organization become a spiritual entity?

“Are you about to preach, do deliverance, in what capacity will you control the church? Make laws that prevent men of God from being corrupt and if they are corrupt, take them to court but putting your trustees is a coup against the church,’’ he added.

He advised government to focus on its fight against corruption.

“Sometimes I laugh. Thank God for this government and what they are doing, but I must say their energy must be channeled on the right thing. Those who have looted our money and sent our children to live in penury, those governors that have embezzled money should be sent to jail. It’s only in my country that those who are fighting corruption are even corrupt.

“Money that was spent on Covid-19, how many got it? Those who are in charge should be sent to jail. Leave the church alone. We are not government. If any pastor is found looting with the government, send him to jail but hunting the church is the last place of priority in the fight against corruption.

“The government should intensify efforts against those ones. These are people we should use as scapegoats. I am not saying they should not look into the church, look into it but appointing a trustee in the church is wrong. If anyone is appointed to take my sit in my church, except the Lord hasn’t anointed me, he or she will not live to see the next seven days,’’ he warned.

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