Lepacious Bose Reveals Why She Cried Inside A Plane

Comedienne Lepacious Bose has shared a picture showing her crying while she was travelling inside a plane.

Lepacious Bose who use to be plus-sized said that she burst into tears when he wore the seat belt and it clicked.

According to her, she used to need a seat belt extension during the period she used to be plus-sized.

She wrote: “See mouth… No, it is not a movie and no one died. This was the first time I would travel in years without needing a seat belt extension!!!!! I simply pulled the belt and it clicked and I broke down in the plane and cried… Oh how I cried… I cried for so many reasons.

“For the shame I felt for years every-time the plane crew handed the extension to me and the look people gave me.
I cried because I remembered travelling with a group of comedians (great guys) but I did not want then to make fun of me, I flew 6 hours without using a seat belt…… I could not bear to ask for an extension and I acted like it was together.

“I cried because I remembered how many times I held the seat belt in a car so that LASTMA would not stop me but the seat belt never connected so I just held it till I passed them.

“I cried for a million and one reasons I can not write about. I cried because I remembered how many times I got to sit by the exit with legroom and I was politely told I was too overweight to sit there…..in case of an emergency it is assumed a big person will not move fast enough…… Hmmm….
I cried because I remembered various times I sat beside evil nasty people in planes who acted like sitting beside me was depriving them of oxygen.

“Oh, I cried. And when google photos popped this picture this morning I cried again…… Not because am sad or miserable but because am GRATEFUL! NEVER AGAIN WILL I BE THAT WOMAN… Good morning champions.”

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