La Liga Reports: Real Madrid wins in pain at Valladolid

Shaken by an aggressive Valladolid, Real Madrid has long thought of a bad evening. But Nacho came out of the woods to register the only goal of the meeting. This is Real Madrid leading the La Liga with three points ahead of FC Barcelona.

What if the 21st day was turning point? The defeat of FC Barcelona on the lawn of Valencia on Saturday offered in any case on a plateau the leader’s chair at Real Madrid, which moving this Sunday on the lawn of Valladolid, modest 16th in the ranking.

An affordable trip for Zinedine Zidane, who proposed the classic scheme of the past few weeks, with a slight turnover since Valverde was put on the bench, leaving the old briscards Modric, Kroos and Isco surround Casemiro.

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And if Valladolid is only 16th in Liga, it is not for lack of aggressiveness. Indeed, the pucelano club was very sharp from the start of the game. Even to excess, like a tackle, Joaquin Fernandez’s two feet off on Rodrygo, which earned him a yellow (and that was the minimum). On the free kick, Kroos found the head of Casemiro who scored. But the goal was logically refused for an offside.

Valladolid was on his dangerous side on a set kick and Courtois had to work (16th). And then more until the break. Embarrassed by the enemy’s aggressiveness, Real couldn’t find any space.

Nacho delivers Real Madrid

When we returned from the locker room, the scenario did not really change. Real Madrid also hardened the tone in the duels, like a Casemiro never the last to put the sole.

The Brazilian was also distinguished by a more aggressive offensive contribution, with attempts from afar. It was far too little for a sluggish Real, sorely lacking in rhythm offensively. Even Benzema was not doing well, well taken and not very inspired. But unlike other meetings where Casa Blanca had not been able to get out of the doldrums, it managed to open the scoring.

It was Nacho, after a good cross from Kroos, who emerged from the head to deceive Masip, former Barça (0-1, 78th). A relief for Zidane and his flock, who widely celebrated him. But nothing is easy this season in La Liga, and Real almost conceded the equalizer, on a ball taken by Guardiola closely. The attacker was however offside. Club Merengue therefore won with difficulty, allowing it to take 3 points ahead of FC Barcelona in the standings.

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