I Don’t Like Bras, I Like My Breasts Dancing Wildly – Eva Alordiah

Rapper Eva Alordiah has shared a picture which shows her flaunting her n*pples which she captioned with a claim stating that she doesn’t like bras.

According to Eva Alordiah, the only reason why she wears bras is that they prevent men from “going crazy over the nipples.”

Eva Alordiah shared: “Nipsey Hustling. I don’t like bras. Generally, I just think Bras are so uncomfortable. For me. And I am not the only woman who feels this way.

“Can someone, a man, please explain to me what it is about the nipples that make them such a crave and a catalyst for sexual arousal? I can hardly understand it.

“When I wear a Bra, I do it for you. To help you help yourself from going crazy over nipples. When I don’t wear a bra, I do it for me. To help me help myself fucking breathe.”

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