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Helicopters launch vegetables in Australia to feed the animals

Firefighters will try to control the hundreds of fires burning in the southeast of the country due to improved weather conditions.

Firefighters are taking advantage of lower temperatures in southeastern Australia to try to control the more than a hundred burning fires in the area. After a difficult weekend, with high temperatures and heavy winds that have hurt the work of extinction, the weather conditions have improved. In the last hours, three spotlights have come together and created a 6,000-square-foot fire monster , the equivalent of the Girona area.

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As flames are ravaging the territory, animals in the affected area are running out of food . This week, the number of animals killed by the fires increased to about one billion. That is why the Government of New South Wales has decided to provide, through helicopters , thousands of kilograms of vegetables, especially carrots and sweet potatoes.

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In more rural areas , citizens have also organized to create small stations with food and water for animals.

At least 30 are dead

Three people were confirmed dead this Sunday in the fires. There are now at least 30 , most of them in the state of New South Wales . One of the latest victims is a Victoria firefighter who died when a tree fell on him in the area of Omeo.

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More than 3,000 firefighters and a fleet of air force remain on the ground to try to contain the fifty fires that remain unchecked .

Homage to the firefighters and volunteers
The Sydney Opera House has honored the thousands of firefighters , and in some cases, volunteers, who use their lives to put out fires . The city’s most iconic building has been lit to support all those who have been affected by the fires.

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