Hazard will not undergo surgery, Real Madrid asks Hazard for patience

The club convinces him for the moment not to undergo surgery after consulting with several ankle specialists. The player only wants to reappear one hundred percent.

Eden Hazard will not undergo surgery. At least for now. Real Madrid does not believe that a new ankle intervention will put an end to his physical problems and after consulting various specialists, they have made the player see that, the best thing is to recover from his physical problems calmly and Patiently, without deadline.

The footballer was convinced that all his problems came from the operated ankle, which continues to bother him a year after undergoing surgery in Dallas. The player is not quite comfortable with that joint and with his physical condition, falling into continuous muscle injuries.

For Real Madrid They have told him to calm, patience and have made him realize what he has to do is to get ready and reappear only when he is one hundred percent fit.

Hazard will not undergo surgery for now!

Hazard was convinced to go through the operating room to end his problems and that was recommended to him from Belgium, where they begin to get impatient because they see that their star is not going to reach the European Championship in conditions. The former head of the Red Devils medical services, Kris Van Crombrugge, who could return to his post for the Euro, assured this week that the best option was a new operation and that he should do it as soon as possible.

“The operation may be a good option to restore flexibility to the ankle. But, without wanting to get in, I would advise that it be done as soon as possible so as not to damage his dream: to play the European Championship.”

Finally, the decision of Real Madrid has weighed more and Hazard will continue his recovery from the last muscle injury he has suffered, that of the psoas.

At Madrid they believe that it is very important for the player to recover physically and psychologically from the situation he is experiencing and that is why they have not set any deadline for his return. The return date will be marked by the sensations that the footballer has, who has been made to see that he is not in a hurry. The player is also convinced not to play again until he is hundred percent fit.

Of course, apart from the muscular problems, he is still worried about an ankle in which he does not have good sensations.

Hazard has only been able to play 14 games this season, a very poor figure for a player who was convinced that this would be his year. But the player has not stopped chaining injury after injury and his record of participation is five games in a row this season, none of them complete.

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