Frank Lampard justifies N’Golo Kante’s injuries at Chelsea

For his first season as Chelsea manager, Frank Lampard was not necessarily spared from the injuries of his players. This was particularly the case for N’Golo Kanté (29).

The French midfielder has thus played only eighteen out of twenty-nine possible matches in the Premier League. The repeated injuries have thus polluted the season of the world champion.

Frank Lampard justifies N’Golo Kante’s injuries at Chelsea - Connectley News

A heartbreaker for his trainer who wanted more than ever to rely on his French international. In an interview with the official Blues website , Lampard found an explanation for his player’s many physical glitches.

“We had a lot of injuries. Kanté is a good example. He has had four or five incredible seasons. He has been used a lot by his coaches, and rightly so. This season, he has played about 40% of our games. It was difficult for him. I hurt for him from an individual point of view. We obviously need Kanté, he is one of the best players in the world. I knew this before I became a Chelsea coach and I know it by working with him. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to have him very much with us this year, but in the future we want him to be in good shape,” commented the British manager.

A wish that must also share the coach of the Blues Didier Deschamps …

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