English Premier League: Brexit builds up pressure

Since February, the United Kingdom is no longer part of the European Union. This poses problems for quotas for foreign players.

On January 31, at midnight, it was the end of the transfer market. But it was not the only end. Indeed, it was also on this date that the United Kingdom left the European Union. We said to ourselves that there would be consequences for football across the Channel, but we hardly imagined that this would create quarrels between the authorities. Indeed, there should be a quota of foreign players in the Premier League teams next season.

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Currently, teams playing in England are entitled to seventeen foreign players per squad. The English Football Federation (FA) is to keep this number for the simple reason that it wants English talents to face the best players in the world.

"If you have a quota system that was very different from Europe, you would put our best clubs at a very disadvantage because I think the average number of foreign players that the most likely winner in the Champions League would be of 16. So if our clubs were less than that number, it would be a disadvantage for them," said Richard Masters, general manager of the Premier League at Skysports .

Except that with the exit from the EU, the authorized figure should drop below 16 and the FA, it is in favor of a relaxation of the rules around the incorporation of non-European players if no club exceeds 13 players in the workforce.

An agreement is still far from being reached since the FA and the Premier League do not yet seem to be in agreement. But the goal is actually not to slow the progression of young Englishmen, who have performed much better in recent years.

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