Don’t be used by politicians as thugs, Enugu youths urges

ENUGU-YOUTHS of Enugu State have been urged to resist being used by elite politicians as thugs but to aspire to be leaders.

The Coordinator, Enugu Youth Forum, EYF, Comrade Onyeabochukwu Azubuike who gave the admonition while inaugurating Enugu Youth Forum, also warned them against being used as canon folder and to reject politics of tokenism and lending themselves in servitude.

According to Azubuike, “it would appear that there is no tomorrow for us. The reason for this assertion is that Nigeria, and even our own political space appears to be overwhelmed by elite circulation in power.

“Not minding the dire consequences of unharnessed youth bulge, our leaders seem satisfied with using the youths as cannon fodders. On our side, we seem to be comfortable with politics of tokenism and lending ourselves in servitude.

“There comes a time in the existence of a people when they must take a decisive step to get to the next level. Enugu Youth Forum is a product of such decisive step and it could not have come at a better time than now.

“Enugu Youth Forum is an umbrella body of youth organizations in Enugu State, which is wholly owned, sponsored and directed by Enugu State youths with the intention of contributing its quota towards building a better future for the youths of Enugu State.

“Our Vision is to raise world class leaders from Enugu state; to see a viable Enugu State where the youths’ voices are heard and taken seriously in developmental and political processes; and where the youths are recognized as critical stakeholders in the affairs of the State.

“Our Mission is to become the voice of the hundreds of thousands of our youths who have been benumbed by the debilitating circumstances of their hopelessness. This Forum is not political in the sense that it is not bankrolled by any political party or politician. We have come together, of our own freewill, to form this Organization in the conviction that as youths, we need to get involved the affairs of the State.

“Ours is to contribute to the governance of our State, make inputs where necessary and be courageous to call government at all levels to order when we feel that certain policies are not in the best interest of our people.

“Our aims and objectives include but not limited to: Providing a platform that will serve as a vehicle for youth mobilization an transformation in the State”.

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