COVID-19 Make these teams played seven against Eleven

Crazy match in the Colombian first division on Sunday to Monday Night as team played seven 7⃣ against eleven 1️⃣1️⃣ due to Coronavirus.

With no less than 23 absences (Covid-19 or injuries) in its workforce, and the League having refused to postpone the match. The Aguilas team had to play a championship match with seven players against eleven.

Against Boyaca Chico, the seven men (including the substitute goalkeeper, lined up in the field) were heroic, holding the 0-0 until the hour mark, remaining united in defense and wasting time as soon as possible.

But a player was injured a few minutes later and the rules of the game stipulating that a minimum of seven players is required in a team, the match was stopped and a forfeit (3-0) declared.

Same scenario happened in the night from Monday to Tuesday, in Ecuador: already led 2-0 after 17 minutes, the Aucas team took advantage of the injury, probably simulated of one of its players to stop the match.

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