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Courtois: “Too bad if season is stopped, because we can still become champions”


Public life in Spain is also slowly starting to get going again. Will football follow soon? Thibaut Courtois hopes so, because he wants to end his 2nd season as goalkeeper of Real with silverware. “I wouldn’t think it was right if Barcelona were declared champion.”

While several clubs in Europe are gradually taking up the thread again, the players in Spain are still mainly trapped in their room. Yet they also think at Real Madrid to gradually start training again.

“It looks like we will be tested later this week and then we could start training individually at the club next week,” said Thibaut Courtois in an extensive interview. “But that is not clear yet. It all depends on what the government and the club decide.”

The ultimate goal is to play matches again, so that Spain can finish the competition like Germany. “I read and hear on TV and in the newspapers that they still want to finish this season.”

“We are of course not a toy, so they will have to take into account all safety standards. You have to be corona-free before you can play football, because you can also be infected without symptoms. And what if an opponent’s player is infected? Lots of things that we have to keep in mind. But I do feel like finishing the season.”

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“If Barça is now declared champion, I wouldn’t think that was right”

Real Madrid also has a lot at stake this season. “We are 2 points behind Barcelona, but I am sure we can still be champions. It would be a shame if the season is stopped.”

“If they were to stop the competition tomorrow and Barça is champion, I would not think that was quite right. At Barcelona they would find that logical, but I think not. In the end they played against us and lost.”

“I think we are currently showing that we are the better team, even if we are 2 points behind. No, I don’t think that would be correct.”

“In England I could still understand that they declare Liverpool champion, because they stand for 25 points. But what do you do with climbers? What do you do with fallers? And what with the TV money? Everything plays a big role now . It is difficult.”

“I think you should be a champion based on all matches and that you can’t stop 11 games before the season. Either we have to finish everything or we don’t finish it, but no champion is declared.”

We are currently showing that we are better than Barcelona, even though we are 2 points behind them. – Thibaut Courtois

“Still confident that we would win in Manchester”

Real Madrid is not only in the running for the Spanish title, but can also win the Champions League, although it has to pick up a 1-2 home loss against Manchester City.

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“I felt that we were City’s counterpart at home, or even better. We only unfortunately got 2 goals. We were very confident to win there, although Kevin De Bruyne may say the same.”

“I don’t know what will happen to the Champions League. I don’t see it happening immediately that there will be flights between certain countries this summer.”

“I am getting ready for any scenario. For example, we can travel to a neutral place, where everyone has their own hotel. In any case, I expect that we will continue to play football until the European Championship next year.”

Courtois is already looking forward to it and is craving football both physically and mentally. “Initially, quarantine was not so bad for me, because I had just suffered a minor injury. But now I am ready for it again.”

“I have already run, sprinted, changed direction here at home, and that was all fine. I don’t expect that I will have a problem when the training starts again. I am already completely back on my competitive weight. fitness, I even have more muscles. I am 100% ready to knit for several months.”

“European Championship a year later will not matter to us, not even for the defense”

Eden Hazard, Courtois’ teammate at Real and the Red Devils, was also able to use the quarantine to rehabilitate after his ankle surgery. How is he doing now?

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“It is going well. I think he is training well to get back into the group quickly. But we also have to be careful, he must be 100% again first. I don’t know exactly when that will be.”

Hazard does not have to run a race against the clock to reach the European Championship, because that has been postponed by a year. An advantage for Belgium? “I was really looking forward to flames,” said Courtois. “Eden is of course important to us, so in that respect it is good that the European Championship has shifted. But you never know what will happen next year.”

Will the team, and especially the defense, not reach its peak in 2021? “I don’t think that year will matter. Those guys at the back had no intention of quitting football next year. I think they are all still playing at top level, so I really don’t see a problem.”

So no new names in 2021, more than likely not on the bank either. Roberto Martinez is about to extend his contract to the World Cup. “We have a good relationship with Martinez. There is a lot of mutual respect, there is a click. That is why everyone wants to continue with him.”

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