Cesc Fabregas’ message to his great-grandmother after overcoming the coronavirus at the age of 95: “She is a superheroine”

  • Fàbregas’ thanks to the health workers for the work they have done for his great-grandmother.

Despite all the bad news that comes up to date, there is always some that fills you with hope and optimism and allows you to see the good side of all this.

One of those beautiful stories is that of Cesc Fàbregas’ great – grandmother. He has shared on his social networks that with 95 years she has overcome the coronavirus. It is a disease that is being fattened by the older ones, but this case shows that it is not impossible and that even at that age it can be overcome.

“95 years old and she overcome coronavirus. Yesterday her test came out negative! My great-grandmother is a superheroine.”

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95 years old and she overcame the coronavirus. Yesterday her tests came back negative. My great-grandmother is a superhero but nothing of this would be possible without all the help of the nurses and doctors that are helping all these people. All my respect to everyone of them for what they are doing day and night, a big thank you!!!! ❤️ • Ha superado el coronavirus con 95 años. ¡Ayer el test salió negativo! Mi bisabuela es una superheroína, pero nada de esto sería posible sin la ayuda de todxs lxs enfermerxs y doctorxs que se están dejando la vida en cada instante para que todos/as podamos estar mejor y vivir un poco mejor en estos tiempos tan difíciles. Gracias a todas las personas del Remei de Arenys de Munt por el sacrificio tan grande que hacen por estas personas mayores. Todo nuestro respeto!!!! Nada es imposible. Gracias!!!! ❤️🙏🏻

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Cesc’s thanks

She has not wanted to forget the people who have struggled for her to recover.

“None of this would be possible without the help of all the nurses and doctors who are leaving life at every moment. Thanks to all the people of the Remei de Arenys de Munt for the great sacrifice they make for these older people. All our respect.”

It is clear that behind each story of improvement is the key performance of the professionals who today have made us, despite the circumstances, sustain ourselves.

As the Monaco player has well said, this shows that “nothing is impossible”.

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