Both Ronaldo and Messi are maybe the best players in football history – Nemanja Matic

Manchester United player, Nemanja Matic has joined the debate on who the better player is between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

Matic stated that both men have been on the same level for 15 years which is why he believes picking the best among them is difficult.

The Serbian also commended their ability to maintain the fear they’ve had for 15 years.

He said, “For me it is hard to say who is the best. I think that over the last 15 years, they’re both the best.

“Some people may say Messi, some Ronaldo but for me they’ve been at the same level for 15 years. What they are doing is very hard, to keep that level for 15 years. It’s not easy to always be the best.

“I don’t know who is better from those two players, but I’m sure both of them are maybe the best players in football history”

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