Barça: Manchester City’s condition to sign Lionel Messi

The Lionel Messi departure continues to trend, and every hour brings us its share of new information on this fascinating dossier.

This morning, CONNECTLEY learned in the Spanish media that Manchester City were not – and could not – splurge, and that Pep Guardiola had even advised the Argentine to stay at Barcelona. And now the serious generalist daily El Pais confirms this version.

Worse yet, the media explains that the only possibility for La Pulga to finish on the side of the Etihad Stadium is that he is released by Barça.

The Citizens do not want any potential trouble with the Catalan club and will only discuss with the Argentine once he is free from any contract.

It is recalled that for the Messi clan, he is already free to engage where he wishes, but the Catalan formation does not hear things that way and estimates that his release clause is 700 million euros.

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