AS Monaco: Robert Moreno flies to the rescue of Cesc Fabregas

Despite great promises during its first outings, AS Monaco stamped Robert Moreno bit the dust against Strasbourg last Saturday (3-1 defeat). A match for which Cesc Fabregas has drawn the wrath of the Monegasque public. However, his coach wanted to defend him.

Recruited last winter to help AS Monaco in its maintenance mission, Cesc Fabregas (32) is far from having met expectations. The Spanish midfielder is often outraged for his lack of intensity during matches.

Against Strasbourg last Saturday, the Asemists lost 3-1 and the winner of the 2010 World Cup was not spared by the public at Stade Louis II.

Victim of whistles, he is disputed for his contribution considered too weak in the game. However, he can count on a weight reinforcement.

At a press conference, his coach Robert Moreno put the church back in the center of the village.

First of all, he did not appreciate the fact that Cesc Fabregas made whistles during the match:

“at the start of the match, they (the Strasbourg residents note) made an individual scoring. He found spaces to help. I don't understand why the public whistled it. At the end of the match, you can, but during the match, you have to bring confidence to the player. He is a player who gives himself for our team. For me, we shouldn't whistle at the slightest player, the best thing is to encourage our players who wear the Monaco jersey. I understand that people are not happy with the result, the match, but they have to say it at the end of the match. " After giving his opinion on the positioning that supporters should have, the former coach defended the performance of his compatriot.

The problem is collective for Robert Moreno

Robert Moreno proof in support wanted to recall that in the impact, Cesc Fabregas was up to the challenge: “the last match was the one where he was the strongest in terms of intensity since the start of the season. So it's not a physical problem. "

According to him, the evil is not individual but collective. "Yes because you have the defensive quality of an individual player who is more or less better at recovering the ball. Tactical advice should help them, because when a player has a fault, an error, there must be another to recover the ball. That's what we have to work on tactically, ” reminded Robert Moreno before continuing.

“We have physical preparation, but running too much is not good. When you analyze this physical situation, the teams that win the championships run less. They run better. We have to work on the defensive phases, football is complex, there are a lot of things we have to work on, it's collective, at the end you see when a player makes a mistake, but before there are other mistakes.

To get to a goal situation, the other team has to do a lot to get there so we have to work collectively to improve the situation.

"If Cesc Fabregas is singled out for abandoning the midfielder and letting Aleksandr Golovin and Tiémoué Bakayoko compensate, Roberto Moreno has another vision and he will have to defend it in the next rounds. This is good since tomorrow AS Monaco will receive AS Saint-Étienne in the Coupe de France.

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